Diplomaticos was founded in 1960 and is the first brand new Cuban cigar that has been presented to the general public since the start of the Cuban Revolution. In fact, the brand is considered to be one of Habanos' first products.

It was officially launched in 1966, initially as an alternative to the Montecristo brand. There are 5 basic shapes that mirror the classic Montecristo line and also under numbers from 1 to 5. In a short while, it is breaking off from this limiting comparison to become an independent brand that connoisseurs around the world have identified as one of the best among the Cuban ones. Made in the Jose Marty factory, all formats are entirely handmade with long-filler.

In the years of the Revolution, Diplomaticos quickly became the favorite cigar among high-ranking officials of the Cuban government, as well as President Fidel Castro's revolutionary guards. It also built a solid reputation among the communist revolutionaries from South and Central America. One of which is Ernesto Che Guevara. It is believed that this brand is his favorite. Love to cigar Diplomaticos he compares with the love of a beautiful woman. "Both come and go without leaving traces," he will say in 1965 somewhere in Guatemala during a short break from his revolutionary struggle. He will recall a year later in one of his very rare interviews how his passion for Cuban cigars really begins: "I was in Argentina at the time and saw a Cuban comrade smoke a very aromatic and well-crafted cigar. I asked him which is the cigar. He told me it was Diplomaticos – of course a Cuban cigar brand. Since then, every time I was in Cuba, I took it from them. And I have to admit I never smoked a better cigar."

Diplomatakos is also one of the most successful brands for export with an initial advantage on the French market. This is probably due to the delicate flavor and taste of wood and spices that the French adore. This success introduces the brand to other European markets, especially among the Mediterranean countries, being an indisputable favorite in Spain.

The brand's cigars are medium in strength and are all hand-made, long filler with tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba.

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