„Kaliman Caribe” complements its portfolio with a set of services and offers:

  • It takes part, with Cuban cigars and accessories, in prepaid formats, cocktail parties or other type of events;
  • It takes part, with the so-called Habanos Point, in events featuring cigars, accessories and professionally trained cigar sommeliers;
  • Provides professional corporate and private training regarding cigar etiquette, culture and rituals;
  • Offers for lease its own cigar bars and provides assistance in organizing small-scale events in those bars;
  • Provides a selection of high-class corporate and personal gifts.
  • As an exclusive distributor of the world leader Habanos Corporation S.A., our mission is to deliver this quality and class to Bulgaria’s audience, only through the means of the original brand products and strictly following the brand’s standards and traditions.

„Kaliman Caribe” is bringing in culture, excellence, exotics and a spirit that can be experienced both in every representative store of ours and while meeting our highly qualified consultants.

Our goal is to provide to you high quality, expertise and an unique sense of Cuban flair.

Unique point of the event

When a quality cigar is part of any event it is adding class and value to it. Make your event a unique moment by introducing Habanos and please your guests with the inimitable and irreplaceable flavour and exotics of the Cuban cigars and culture.

Introduce some taste and boost the prestige of your:

  • Personal parties: anniversaries, private events, birthdays, weddings.
  • Corporate events.
  • Anniversaries, special events and meetings.

We offer:

  • Habanos catering - – an order for the purchase of assortment of cigars that shall be delivered to you in advance.
  • Habanos point – stylish and compact cigars corner. A cigar cannot be smoked fast; it is a ritual that should result in delight. Upon request, our professional Habanos sommelier will instruct you how to do it, demonstrating you the Ritual Habanos.
  • Ritual Habanos – an introduction to the cigar as a culture and the spirit of cigar smoking, featuring all elements of the ritual depending on your choice: lighting, presentation, degustation and detailed info on the cigars.
  • Cuban style hospitality – - small-scale, elegant formats of a closed type that are suitable for both seminars and private events. If you want to impress your guests and cause long-lasting memories, invite a professional torsedor (cigar roller) from Havana (following the arrangement of a long-term engagement in advance), or entrust the experts of Kaliman Caribe with the task to make it happen.

Corporate gifts

Demonstrate that you value and respect your business partners, surprising them with luxury gifts:

  • Corporate gifts
  • Personal gifts
  • Luxury offers regarding VIP gifts: limited collections
  • Luxury offers regarding VIP gifts: limited collections

Cuban style gifts:

  • Extensive portfolio of handmade cigars and accessories
  • High-class Cuban gourmet products: coffee, rum, music, books
  • Luxury gifts from the world famous Porsche Design brand

Fast reaction regarding the delivery of the items selected, it is possible to package sets of gift in gift baskets, luxury boxes, original solutions, while all the above services are provided in a stylish manner with understanding of your requirements.

Offers within various price ranges or in accordance with a predefined budget.

Familiarise with our offer regarding limited collections of humidors and ashtrays.

We host Cuban-style events

Organise your event with us and feel the spirit of the island of freedom – Cuba

  • Capacity of 40 guests.
  • Reserving the entire place exclusively for the particular event.
  • Cosy and elegant atmosphere, professional service.
  • Readily available set of all items required to create quality Cuban experience – cigars, alcohol, music and unparalleled atmosphere

Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia (22 San Stefano Str., Sofia)

Open Bar La Casa del Habano InterContinental Hotel (4 Narodno Subranie Square, Sofia)

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