BrandCohiba Vitola Petit Robusto Length 102 mm Ring 52 ring Strength Medium to full Time 60 min
132,600.00 ֏


The new Medio Siglo features a completely new vitola in the range of sizes of Habanos, its dimensions being a tribute to two other classic vitolas in Línea 1492. The
Cohiba Medio Siglo has the 52 ring gauge (20.64 mm) of the Cohiba Siglo VI and the length (102 mm) of the Cohiba Siglo I, leading to a modern, small format Habano that is completely new for the brand, with a smoking time of around 30 minutes and the medium strength flavour that characterises Línea 1492.


Length 102 mm Ring 40 ring
Cohiba Siglo I /5/
113,500.00 ֏  
Length 124 mm Ring 50 ring
Cohiba Robustos /25/
123,750.00 ֏  
Length 129 mm Ring 42 ring
Cohiba Siglo II /25/
655,000.00 ֏  
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