BrandH. Upmann Vitola Cremas Length 140 mm Ring 40 ring Strength Light to medium Time 50 min
122,500.00 ֏


Another cigar of the H. Upmann’s middle formats, which will convince you it had been the favourite brand of the US president John Kennedy not accidentally. Do not hesitate to give it a try in case you are a novice in the world of Cuban cigars. It would not really surprise you, but, if it is your first time tasting a Havana cigar, it will certainly fascinate you with its softness and affordability, with the sense of calmness and bliss that only the best cigars in the world can offer. It is equally suitable as an everyday cigar, introducing ladies to the magical world of Habanos, as well as a companion at your corporate cocktail parties and gatherings.


Length 90 mm Ring 44 ring
H.Upmann Half Corona /25/
117,500.00 ֏  
Length 156 mm Ring 52 ring
H. Upmann N2 /25/
325,000.00 ֏  
Length 132 mm Ring 42 ring
H.Upmann Coronas Major tubos /25/
162,500.00 ֏  
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