BrandRomeo y Julieta Vitola Coronita Length 117 mm Ring 40 ring Strength Medium Time 50 min
18,600.00 ֏


Romeo y Julieta Romeo N3 is a Vitola at attractive price, quite a representative of the brand, but still different and challenging to everyone that had not tried it yet. It is offered in a comfortable metal tubos, allowing the smoker to preserve its aroma until the first sip of wine for the night. The cigar can be combined with sweet cocktail drinks, and is suitable for novice smokers and mainly for ladies, trying the magic of a Havana cigar for the first time.


Length 140 mm Ring 40 ring
Romeo y Julieta Romeo N1 tubos /10/
72,000.00 ֏  
Length 120 mm Ring 33 ring
Romeo y Julieta Julieta /5/
30,000.00 ֏  
Length 117 mm Ring 35 ring
Romeo y Julieta Sport Largos /25/
110,000.00 ֏  
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