Partagás Habanos are immediately recognisable by their intense fl avour. Its blend, made "Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga" - Totally Handmade with Long Filler - with tobacco specially selected from the Vuelta Abajo  area, in Pinar del Río region, has a unique richness and aroma.

The Partagás range of sizes is characterised by an extensive variety of shapes and sizes. The brand's particularly well-known vitolas include Serie D No. 4, whose Reserva was the first produced by Habanos in this vitola, Lusitanias, 8-9-8 and Pirámide de Partagás: Serie P No. 2, launched in 2005.

The Partagás Serie P No. 2 and Serie D No. 4 tubes and cases were presented with a new image at the X Habanos Festival in 2008. Two new vitolas, Serie E No. 2 and Serie D No. 5 were launched within the recognised Series in 2011. 2013 saw the launch of the fi rst Gran Reserva in the brand's history, Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007, designed for expert smokers seeking an intense flavour with immense character.

In 2014, the brand hosted the launch of Series D No. 6 and in 2015 the concept of añejados with two Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta reference brands was inaugurated, followed by Partagás Coronas Gordas. The Limited Edition Partagás Series No. 1, that was launched in 2017, introduced for the fi rst time the Vitola de Galera - Factory Name - Noblezas, completely unprecedented in the Habanos portfolio.

In 2018, Partagás Línea Maduro No. 2 and Maduro No. 3 were launched. The Maduro No. 1 vitola was launched in 2015 for La Casa del Habano network becoming part of the regular portfolio making up this new Línea.

12,400.00 ֏  
Length 110 mm Ring 42 ring
Partagas Short /25/
257,500.00 ֏  
Partagas Mini
5,700.00 ֏  
Partagas Series Mini
5,900.00 ֏  
Partagas Club
6,200.00 ֏  
Partagas Chicos
4,400.00 ֏  
Length 194 mm Ring 49 ring
Partagas Lusitanias /10/
17,700.00 ֏  
Length 90 mm Ring 50 ring
Partagas Serie D N6 /20
174,000.00 ֏  
Length 110 mm Ring 50 ring
Partagas Serie D N5 /10/
103,000.00 ֏  
Length 124 mm Ring 50 ring
Partagas Serie D N4 /10/
119,000.00 ֏  
Length 140 mm Ring 54 ring
Partagas Serie E N2
14,400.00 ֏  
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