In Vuelta Abajo it is traditional for the Vegueros -the farmers who cultivate Cuban tobacco- to make their own cigars.  All those who visited Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Río, would become curious and develop a desire to taste cigars from the best tobacco land in the world.

The Vegueros brand, which was introduced in 1996, is a creation which pays tribute to all the generations of farmers who have cultivated tobacco in Pinar del Río.

Today, the Vegueros brand is produced in the “Francisco Donatién” tobacco factory, a sturdy building in Pinar del Río. First built in 1868, it was finally converted into a tobacco factory in 1961.

After more than 15 years of existence, Habanos s.a. is completely transforming the brand, whose name is so evocative and closely tied to the tobacco's roots.

The vitolas that originally made up the brand are being replaced by 3 innovative formats that will make this brand an appealing option for those seeking Habanos with these characteristics at an intermediate segment positioning.

Coming soon..

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