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The brand takes its name from The Count of Monte Cristo. Tobacco factory lector H. Upmann read Alexandre Dumas’s classic novel to the rollers at the factory where the brand was founded in 1935. The rollers enjoyed it so much that the brand was named after the protagonist. It has been considered one of the world’s most prestigious brands ever since.

CHARACTERISTICS Montecristo cigars have an incomparable taste that exudes quality. They are famed for their smooth, elegant character. Their exquisite blend is made from leaves from Vuelta Abajo, the best tobacco-growing region in the world. The classic Cuban flavour of Montecristo cigars captivates experienced and new smokers alike.

FLAVOUR Classic Cuban.



Launched in 2009, this line represents the most modern and youthful side of Montecristo. The series consists of two vitolas in four different formats, which are presented in an original pack featuring yellow, green and gold and the brand’s characteristic diagonal design.

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